Favorite Websites

1. Desktoppr.co

Pick from an endless wallpaper gallery that syncs to your Dropbox. This is by far the easiest wallpaper gallery app I’ve used.

2. Craigslist.org

Buy, sell, and trade locally free of cost. It is strongly recommended that you research your product beforehand.

3. Kat.ph

The greatest and coolest sounding database of torrents – KickAssTorrents. Download movies, music, software – you name it. A great combination with uTorrent.

4. Slickdeals.net

Looking for a good deal? Learn your ways around this deals website and you will be rewarded. Alternatives are eBay and Amazon.

5. 8tracks.com

Want to browse new music? Pick your ambiance and let it roll. You will be surprised.





iPhone 4S with Volume Problems

I purchased a water damaged iPhone 4S on craigslist. I didn’t expect it to have any problems but I did notice that the volume buttons on it did not work properly. When the volume up/down buttons were pressed it would show a volume symbol but not change the volume. Also, some applications like Voicemail could not be heard, and system sounds like lock sounds and keyboard clicks could not be heard although the iPhone was on ringer mode (not vibrate). Restoring the phone to factory settings (not restoring from backup) did not fix this issue. During an iPhone repair, I had the chance to swap the motherboard onto another frame, and the problem persisted – meaning that the frame with charging port, volume buttons and such were not the problem and instead it must have been due to the water damaged motherboard.

An iPhone repair guy on iFixit.com’s forums suggested the following, and amazingly enough it worked.

“I get iPhones with these symptoms all the time, the first thing I do is clean lint or any debris out of the charge-data port with a dental pic. Then I clean it with an alcohol soaked toothbrush while holding the phone upright so the excess alcohol cant find its way deeper inside the phone. If that doesn’t fix it the charge data port gets replaced and takes care of it.”

Thankfully the cleaning did it, there was a lot of lint from jeans in the charging port.

PlayStation 3 Wifi problems?

I was playing Driv3r on my PS3 Slim when suddenly the common “all players have been disconnected” message pops up on an online game and I end up losing connection. After some research on google I found a proper fix for my problem. By entering into your router’s setup (usually by visiting – note that all routers have different access points) and disabling the SSID broadcast I was able to continue smooth online gameplay within minutes. You may find this option under “Wireless” or “Network Settings” within the interface of your router.  Image

Achievement – First Form on Access for Mac

Ever since I took that computer class last semester in college I had always wondered how easy it would be if I typed in all of my business transactions into forms rather than dealing with an excel sheet – and so, I finally did it. It took me about four hours, an awful lot of patience, but I figured it out. I created some tables, linked them to forms, arranged a couple of lists and buttons and text boxes and finally ran some reports. My new form seems to run smooth now, this should be useful to track all of my transactions from Craigslist. All I need is to input all of my data and figure out how to calculate profits on my reports.

AT&T iPhone Blacklisted – Proof

Today I met a person from whom I planned on purchasing two AT&T iPhone 4 devices. As I began inspecting the phones, I inserted an active AT&T sim card and both showed “Invalid sim” at the activation screen. I even tried my own AT&T sim card and it showed the same error message to my surprise. The person who was selling them claimed that he first upgraded to iPhone 5’s and then left the company. This must surely be why the devices were blocked.

IMEI Blacklisting

According to my research, AT&T and T-Mobile (both GSM sim card providers) have teamed up to share an IMEI blacklist. Phones which are reported stolen or have an unpaid balance on their account will be added to this blacklist and would only work after being unlocked for overseas.

An IMEI is a serial number directly attributed to a cellphone’s cellular data chip. When a phone is reported stolen or an account has an unpaid balance some companies block the IMEI of the phone to prevent fraud. They are also closing the markets for used phones because fraud can actually increase as a result of these new procedures.

Purchasing a used GSM phone can be dangerous. The owner of the phone might have insurance on the phone, sells it while the phone is active and working, and once it has received payment – the owner may call the phone company and report the phone as stolen. The phone that was sold will become a paperweight and the original owner will keep the money and pay a certain (usually lower amount) for a replacement phone with his/her insurance.

VoIP Landline Phone – Obitalk

VoIP Landline Phone – Obitalk

Today I installed my first Obi100. It cost me $33 on Rakuten (Buy.com) with a $20 off $50 coupon from Slickdeals. I purchased a Vtech landline phone with an extension for $30 on Amazon to go with it.

The setup was amazingly easy and took less than 10 minutes, having previous experience with setting up a Google Voice account. Now I can make and receive unlimited calls without a monthly cost. The only downside is not being able to make emergency 911 call, but I will research more on this later. There is a $12/year plan but Im sure I can find something cheaper or even better, free!

What inspired me to have my first VoIP phone was my grandma. She had been using a lousy and tiny MetroPCS phone, with a $25 unlimited calls monthly plan. She was having trouble with the tiny keys and I decided that what could be better than just having a landline? Im pretty happy overall, at least now we have a landline when anything happens to any of our phones at home.

Restore PC to factory settings

1.Right-click on “Computer” icon and select manage.
2.This will launch the Microsoft Management Console.
3.On the left side of the MMC, click on “Disk Management” and it will show you all of the partitions.
4.Right-click on the “HP Recovery” partition and select “Mark as Active Partition.”
5.When the warning prompt appears, select “Yes” – Reboot and it will automatically boot into the Recovery Manager (without pressing F11).

Why am I here?

The social networks of Facebook and Twitter have offered no comfort to my personal life. They lack the inspiration to define, reflect, and look further into my life. With this blog, I will be able to explore myself within, by crafting words and pictures that will stamp my new signature online.